Mv Target Is Not A Directory Error

Moving and Copying Files and Directories in Linux

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mv(1) – OpenBSD manual pages –. source operand to the destination path named by the target operand. This form is assumed when the last operand does not name an already existing directory. In its second form, mv moves each file named by a source operand to the destination specified by the directory operand. It is an error if the directory does not exist.

[SOLVED] mv: target `filename' is not a directory – I'm trying to write a short script that changes the file names in the folders containing music (mp3) files. The current format is often along the

In the first synopsis form, the mv utility moves the file named by the source_file operand to the destination specified by the target_file. This first synopsis form is assumed when the final operand does not name an existing directory. In the second synopsis form, mv moves each file named by a source_file operand to a.

"I don't want it to throw an error" is not a valid answer, target is not a directory. mv: target `filename' is not a directory:

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mv: target 'hadoop/' is not a directory. hadoop/` mentioned in the documentation I am referring to and getting directory related error. the mv command is a.

bash error renaming files with spaces – mv target is not a directory. Ask Question. However, this gives the error, "mv: target is not a directory" for each file.

Moving files with find + xargs: target is not a. That's the error in the. Do you know why I don't need -t with multiple files and a directory with a regular mv?

For some reason mv doesn't work properly in my bash script. This script should rename mp3 files with spaces ls *mp3 > ls2.txt while read line do sed_name.

Sep 15, 2012. How do I move a folder in BSD/Linux/Apple OX or Unix operating system using bash command line option? You need to use the mv command to move folder, files, and directories in Linux terminal. The syntax is as follows: mv source target mv folder1 folder2 target mv folder1 file1 target mv -option source.

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Sep 13, 2012. Suppose you have a file named “spaced name.txt”, you put it in a variable (“ filename='spaced name.txt'”), and then you try to move it to “unspacedname.txt” by executing “mv $filename unspacedname.txt”. You'll get the error “mv: target ` unspacedname.txt' is not a directory”. This is because mv gets.

The mv command is used to rename and move files and directories. Its general syntax is: mv [options] argument(s) The arguments are names of files and directories.

Ls command ls command is most widely used command and it displays the contents of directory. options; ls will list all the files in your home directory, this command.

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