Panasonic Dvd H07 Error Message

Repairing a Fried Panasonic DVD player

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The last thing you want when you purchase an expensive new DVD player is for you to be unable to watch any DVDs. This is the case of you are afflicted by the. References. link Joseph Hall: How to fix the H07 (HO7) Error on your Panasonic DVD player; link Josh Smith: Fixing an HO2 Error on Panasonic DVD players.

I used to see this problem on a regular bases and replaced many many spindle motors on several Panasonic models that used the Exact mechanism. The HO7 error code basically indicates a spindle servo problem. meaning that it is either not turning or turning very slow–it may be anything from a binding.

In this wild frontier of message boards and spittle. a Sony BDP-S360, Panasonic DMP-BD80, and a Samsung BD-P4600) and any DVD player I could scrounge up in my house. I didn’t encounter a single load error, playback problem,

But when I connect it to my Panasonic DVD player (which played my old hard drive, and USB sticks) it comes up with an error message. When I connect it to my PS3 (which also played the above), it doesn’t even show up. Help?

Repairing a Panasonic SA-HT810V with the H02/H07 error. Repairing a Panasonic SA-HT810V with the H02/H07 error. Written By: Nathan Cheadle (and 5 other contributors). Comments: 2; Favorites: 2. Introduction. This guide describes how to fix the H02/H07 error that is common with Panasonic DVD/VCR players.

Repairing a Panasonic SA-HT810V with the H02/H07 error – This guide describes how to fix the H02/H07 error that is common with Panasonic DVD/VCR players. With the front display of the device facing you, rotate the device 90.

There’s a snap and vibrancy about Panasonic’s pictures that some rivals struggle to match with their standalone players, let alone their recorders. And after viewing a range of lower-quality sources – DVD, web video, DLNA-streamed AVCHD.

I bought a DVD player (RV-32) 13 months ago and while watching a movie, it froze on me then I saw the "H07" message on the display. And that was it, it has not work.

Error Message H07 – what is it? Half-way through watching a DVD (with no previous indications of a problem), the TV – Panasonic DVD-CV52 DVD Player question

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Q When I display digital photos on my 42in Panasonic plasma TV they are nowhere near the same quality as on my 19in LCD PC screen. When I try to play them via the Panasonic DVD recorder I. They do not get an error message, it.

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Panasonic H02 / H07 DVD player Error. Thousands of annoyed customers of Panasonic, Yamaha, and Denon DVD Player. I figured this out by reading a message posted.

Panasonic DVD-K29GCS Manual Online: Service Mode Table 1, Dvd Self Diagnostic Function-error Code. The Service Modes Can Be. U15. Unfinalized DVD-R. H01. Tray loading error. H02. Spindle servo error. H03. Traverse servo error. H04. Tracking servo error. H05. Seek error. H06. Power error. H07. Spindle. error.

How to fix the H07 (HO7) Error on your Panasonic DVD player – How to fix the H07 (HO7) Error on your Panasonic DVD player – 10/19/2004. If you have any questions please post them here: Crestron Forums – 04/08/2004

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Does anyone know the definition of the various HOx error codes for Panasonic DVD players?. Actaully H02 is optical pickup and H07 is spindle. I don't know. I'm want to buy a LS50 or LS90 but after reading reviews on amazon.com about the HO3 error message, I'm thinking about changing my mind.

Error Message H07 Load a DVD it just says it's reading and then displays H07. Tried unplugging the power, waiting, – Panasonic DVD-S35S DVD Player question

Link: http://www.ledcar.com/pdvdh07/. So some guy, stefan, has been good enough to post detailed instructions on how to fix the H07 (HO7 or HOT) error that our DVD player (the Panasonic DVD-RP62) has been experiencing. Essentially, all the oil on the motor's spindle has gone dry and the motor gets to hot too fast.

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